Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Restore = Home Decor: Case In Point #1

Well hello there! I can't tell you how excited I am to be one of the Metrolina ReStores' bloggers.  I've literally been chomping at the bit to share with you some great ideas for decorating on a budget.  So, let's begin shall we?

First off, I don't consider myself to be a tree-hugger or an environmental activist in the least, but I have to admit there is something about giving a discarded item new life that makes me all warm and fuzzy.  The ReStore is the perfect place to find those cast offs, typically relegated to the trash heap, which with a little inspiration can become fabulously stylish additions to your home. 

Case in Point #1:

In preparation for the launch of the Metrolina ReStore's new blog, I decided to take a little trip to hopefully get inspired for my first blog post.  

via LinkedIn Our Towns Habitat Restore
A Saturday afternoon trip to the Cornelius location yielded much more than I ever dreamed it would.
Everyone knows that the ReStore is a great place to score building materials and supplies, but what people may not know is that the ReStore has a great selection of home decor items as well.  You can read about some of my finds HERE.    
On this particular trip, after nearly an hour of combing the aisles for great finds, I stumbled upon this beauty. 
I rounded the back corner of the center aisle and stopped dead in my tracks.  I beelined for this retro ottoman and was thrilled to see the low price tag taped on it.  Soon after my jubilation over the price subsided, it suddenly dawned on me that a few minutes earlier I'd passed an outdoor cushion that might work perfectly as the ottoman's cushion.  So, I zipped over to the bedding aisle and there is was.
Priced so low that you could hardly buy the thread it would require to recover it for the price, I quickly added it to my overflowing basket.  However, once I was home I realized that it needed a little work. 

  Not to worry, the quick addition of two well placed screws solve the problem in an instant. 
Next it was on to fabric.  I knew I wanted something on trend and fairly neutral for resale.  You see, I have NO space for this lovely ottoman, but sometimes a deal is just too good to pass on.  I ended up with this gray and white chevron.  I figured I couldn't loose with gray or with chevron. 
A trip to my seamstress to have the pillow recovered and viola!

It is simply irresistible if I do say so myself.  What do you think? 

Until next time.....


  1. Wow, great post! I had no idea that Habitat Restores had home decor items. Great find on the ottoman.

    1. Thanks LaShaun! Habitat is a GREAT place for all sorts of fabulous and affordable home decor items.

  2. Say what!! I love it! That fabric is especially gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I love the fabric too!